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Part B - Cam Lock ( 1" thru 3" )

Part B - Cam Lock ( 1" thru 3" )

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Heavy Duty Aluminum Female Cam Lock Quick Connect with male standard pipe threads for hose ends, pipe connections, etc. Constructed from aluminum alloy, specially designed for high tensile strength, lightness, and rigidity.

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  • For use with any female standard threaded pipe connection
  • Normally used with Type F adapters, but can be used with Type A and E adapters and DP (Dust Plug) of identical size

Features and Benefits

  • Economical, lightweight yet strong metal
  • Handles and pins are brass or brass coated aluminum
  • Comes in multiple sizes to fit your irrigation system needs
  • Cam locks not only save you time but also the tools and human power

Primary Applications

  • Commercial, Residential, & Agriculture Irrigation
  • Construction Water Transfer
  • Quarry & Mining Water Transfer
  • Industrial Water Transfer
  • Chemical and Petroleum Transfer