Collection: Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads come in a variety of styles and sizes.  Determining which sprinkler is right for your project depends on several different factors.  To find the right size of sprinkler will first depend on the available flow rate and pressure of the water.  When matched properly the result is getting uniform coverage over maximum area.  The style of sprinklers we have are categorized by what makes them rotate which are impact, gear drive, rotor, and wobbler. 

  • Impact Sprinklers are the most common and recognizable style of sprinklers.  They rotate by having an arm that bounces off the spray and with each impact the sprinkler rotates. 
  • Gear Drive Sprinklers are more for your larger applications. They rotate by using part of the water spray to spin a wheel that then rotate the internal gears to provide a very smooth rotation. 
  • Rotor Sprinklers operate similarly to the gear driven sprinklers but they use the internal flow of the water coming through the sprinkler to turn gears resulting in a smooth steady rotation. 
  • Wobbler Sprinklers is a unique style of sprinkler that uses the water hitting the deflector making it "wobble" and spray water in a full 360° rain like pattern.

Most all of our sprinklers come with a range of nozzles sizes that allow you to better match your particular flow rate and pressure. Shop our sprinkler heads today to find the right one for you!

  • Impact Sprinklers

    This is a great general irrigation use type of sprinkler for outdoor use with cold water only. Impact irrigation sprinkler heads put out a great amount of water coverage with adjustable...
  • Gear Drive Sprinklers

    These sprinkler heads have no "impact vibration." This means you'll have a smoother gentler performance over impact sprinklers. Gear drive system sprinklers rotate the sprinkler head at a uniform speed....
  • Rotor Sprinklers

    With the Rain Bird commercial rotors you get durability, reliability and superior distribution.  Rain Curtain™ nozzles maximize performance and coverage which are included with each rotor.  Our rotor sprinklers are offered in...
  • Wobbler Sprinkler

    Our Xcel Wobbler distributes rain-like droplets that resist wind drift and evaporation. This sprinkler head gives instantaneous uniform coverage over a large area — with low water pressure. It has a...
  • Spare Sprinkler Nozzles

    We carry a variety of spare nozzles for our different sprinkler heads and carts. Each nozzle types comes in a range of sizes to match your given flow rate and...