Collection: Hose Reels

Save time and labor on your watering by using a hose reel with your irrigation system. These will help you avoid the wear and tear, turf damage, and tangling of your hoses.  Choose from 3 different options depending on your hose type and size. 

Our Lay-Flat Hose QuickReels work well for those customers with multiple rolls of 1.5” or 2” Lay-Flat irrigation hose . It comes with a tension brake to allow for a safe and constant rate of hose deployment. All of this is with a heavy-duty steel frame and side panels. Plus, a quick-attach handle that ensures a quick and effortless retrieval of your lay-flat hose assemblies.  It comes as stand-alone unit or with an ATV trailer cart assembly. With its large 18" ATV wheels it will travel over any terrain giving you added mobility when either retrieving or deploying your lay flat hose.

For users with 5/8” or 3/4" garden hose we have a 12” heavy-duty garden water hose reel cart built to withstand years of continued use of winding and unwinding your hoses.

Our 18” electric hose reel is designed for professional grounds maintenance users. This model comes with 100’ of 1” heavy duty hose. All components are made of high quality, powder coated steel.

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