Collection: Irrigation Systems for Deer and Wildlife Plots has just what you need for irrigation for deer food plots or sprinklers for wildlife food plots. From complete outdoor irrigation systems for deer and wildlife plots, to sprinkler carts, and lay flat hose reels, we have the quality and affordable solutions you're looking for.

Big Sprinkler's Complete Irrigation System Kits are ready to set up and start irrigating from your pond, reservoir, or stream in minutes. The kits range from our 1000F Complete Irrigation Kit with pump to the 2000S Complete Irrigation Kit with High Pressure Pump, with two other options in between.  Our complete irrigation kits include suction hose with strainer, pump, discharge hose and wheeled sprinkler cart.  We pair the pumps with the sprinkler carts so that their performances capabilities match.  If your project requires additional discharge or suction hose then we can work with you to make sure you get maximum coverage with each kit.

The smaller 1000F kit includes our 1000F Sprinkler Cart that is capable of up to 120 ft. diameter wetted circle and is supplied water with a 1.5” hose connected to a 6.5hp medium pressure gas pump.

Our 2000S kit is for irrigation projects requiring more water and big performance coverage with its 14hp high-pressure Irrigation Pump pulling from a pond, reservoir, stream, or lake. This kit includes our 2000S large volume sprinkler cart capable of up to 250 feet plus diameter wetted circle.

To manage all your lay-flat hose then consider our newest design - the ALL NEW Lay-Flat Hose QuickReel and QuickReel with trailer option.  This reel design was brought to the market as a solution for our customers with multiple rolls of lay-flat irrigation hose. This “one of a kind” reel makes deployment and retrieval of up to 400’ of 1.5” or 2” lay-flat irrigation hose a very quick and simple process.  No more back aches bent over rolling up hose by hand or un-tangling hose when setting up your irrigation system.

NOTE: All the components of each Complete Irrigation Kit can be ordered individually as needed.  For further help with product selection give us a call at 855-805-7901.

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