2018 Big Sprinkler Photo Contest Winners

2018 Big Sprinkler Photo Contest Winners

Let’s put our collective hands together and give Mike Lenroot a round of applause. He took the contest-winning photo above in Pocatello, Idaho. With the solid peaks in the background, the softness of flowers in the foreground, and all the vibrant colors, it simply stood out among the entries as the best. We were pretty excited about the 1250K Wheeled Sprinkler Cart, too.

In July, as part of our celebration of Irrigation Month, we announced our 6th Annual Photo Contest. As you might guess, It’s one of our favorite events each year. Why, you ask? We finally get to see the incredible landscapes our irrigation solutions help create and maintain.

The contest is open to any photo including one of our products and is divided into eight categories. They are:

  • Best Garden
  • Best Residential
  • Best Sports Field/Park
  • Best Pasture
  • Best Crop
  • Best Equine Area
  • Best Industrial
  • Best Fun Photo

Photographers could submit as many entries as they wanted and Big Sprinkler’s social media fans chose the winners in each category. Everyone who entered received a coupon for 10 percent off their next purchase at bigsprinkler.com, but category winners took home a free Jumbo Sled Base Sprinkler.

Once all the individual category winners were chosen and announced, we looked through them all and picked the overall winners. When Mike won first place, he was awarded $750 in cash. Second Place won $500 in Big Sprinkler bucks to be used on anything found in our store. The third-place winner took home a free 1000F Sprinkler Cart.


We enjoy the lushness you can almost feel in the second-place photo captured by Greg Sanchez in Peralta, New Mexico. His Sime Funny Sprinkler Head keeps all his plants growing and green.

The full coverage of the 1000F Wheeled Sprinkler Cart is evident in the third place photo taken by Thomas Littauer in Cohasset, Massachusetts.

Don’t Miss Out

Whether you’re good at finding just the right moment to snap a picture or you have a passion for photography, don’t miss out on the prizes next year. Get on the list to receive our email newsletter and you’ll be among the first to know when we kick off the next contest. In the meantime, connect with us through social media and share how your sprinklers are impacting you.

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