Do You Need a Complete Irrigation Kit?

Do You Need a Complete Irrigation Kit?

When you find yourself needing more water to irrigate your crops, pasture, or deer food plot but a sprinkler from the local hardware store simply won’t cut it — it’s time for a Big Sprinkler. But, what do you do if you don’t have a well or plumbing onsite as a water source?

If you have access to a pond, stream, or reservoir, all you need is a couple of hoses and the right pump added to your sprinkler and you’ll have the perfect irrigation solution. However, finding all those parts individually and making sure they work together is difficult and overwhelming. That’s why our complete irrigation kit does all the hard work for you. 


You’re probably thinking, “Wait, what’s in a kit and how do I know which one I need?” Don’t worry. Keep reading for all the information you’ll need to get started.

What is a Complete Irrigation Kit?

Since matching the proper pump to the right sprinkler is vital if you want everything to work correctly, we’ve simply created an easy-to-assemble packaged solution that can be ready to do your irrigation work within minutes.

Each kit was designed for both the pump and sprinkler cart’s operation to reach optimum performance levels and includes the pump, a wheeled sprinkler cart, a suction hose with a strainer, and a discharge hose.

All the wheeled sprinkler carts in our kits are made with heavy-gauge steel pipe and a steel axle protected by a powder-coat finish. Each of our commercial-grade sprinkler heads can be set to spray in a full-circle pattern or a partial one.

The pumps included in the kits are all gas-powered and are either self-priming or include systems designed to make them easy to prime.

The suction and discharge hoses are high-quality, non-collapsible, and fitted with Quick Connect Fittings which shorten setup time and makes the whole process a breeze.

As a bonus, it’s free to ship any of our complete irrigation kits anywhere in the continental U.S. after purchase.

What’s the Difference Between the Complete Irrigation Kits?

We’ve created four kits so you can pick the pump and sprinkler cart combination that works best for your individual needs. If you’re looking for detailed information about the performance of any product listed below, visit the individual product page on our website and click on the specifications tab to learn more.

1000F Complete Irrigation Kit

This kit includes our smallest, but most popular 1000F Wheeled Sprinkler Cart which includes a commercial-grade sprinkler head, has a flow range of 5-25 gallons per minute, and can spray up 120 feet in diameter.

The included pump is the 6.5 HP Kohler Medium Pressure Pump. This gas-powered pump is made with an American-made cast-aluminum case and cast-iron suction and discharge ports. It sets up in minutes and includes a low-oil safety shut down.

1250K Complete Irrigation Kit

A step-up in size from the previous kit, this one includes the 1250K Wheeled Sprinkler Cart, uses the commercial-grade 1-1/4” impact-style sprinkler head, and performs within the 10-50 gallon-per-minute flow rate. The water coverage circle wets up to 150 feet in diameter.  

The pump chosen for performance with this kit is the 5.5 HP High Pressure Honda GX Series Recoil Start Engine pump. It is also made with cast aluminum and cast iron but includes rubber footing and a heavy-duty roll cage as well.

1500H Complete Irrigation Kit

When you choose this kit, you’ll get the 1500H Wheeled Sprinkler Cart which uses the commercial-grade Sime Hidra Impact Drive Sprinkler.  It handles a flow capacity of 30-140 gallons-per-minute and uses a solid rubber tire mounted on steel rims. This kit’s circle of coverage can reach more than 200 feet in diameter.

The IPT 9HP Honda High-Pressure Pump is made with cast aluminum and also features the rubber footing and heavy-duty roll cage. However, it features a self-lubricated EPDM/EPR mechanical pump seal.

2000S Complete Irrigation Kit

The largest of the kits, this one includes the 2000S Wheeled Sprinkler Cart which comes standard with an ATV tow hitch and large floatation pneumatic tires. It handles 40-200 gallon-per-minute flow rates and can create a coverage circle of more than 250 feet. 

The heavy-duty Kohler High Pressure FP25K 14HP Pump is a high-performance, large-diameter, closed impeller design with a simple to use diaphragm priming system for quick priming. It’s made from cast aluminum and features a powder-coated steel roll cage.

What Else Should I Know About Complete Irrigation Kits?

All four of the Complete Irrigation Kits are designed to be used anywhere you’d want to use one of our wheeled sprinkler carts that doesn’t have a well or other pressurized water system available for use.

This type of setup brings flexibility and portability to your irrigation situations and you’ll be able to adapt it based on your current needs. For instance, instead of using the kit to pull water from a water source, you can use the pump as a booster for an existing system and add an additional sprinkler.

People purchase the kits for use in all sorts of situations including:

  • Large gardens
  • Hobby farms
  • Arena dust control
  • Deer food plots
  • Construction site dust control
  • Sports fields
  • Remediation and other environmentally related landscape work

We know that not everyone needs a Complete Irrigation Kit, but for people who do, the ease and quick setup that comes after the purchase of a kit were our motivation in creating them. Our mission is to be here for you and to help you solve the irrigation problems you face. If you need to add more hoses to your kit or customize it in any way, just reach out to us.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to consult on anything to make sure what you’re looking to purchase will fulfill your needs.

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