How We Got Here: Big Sprinkler Turns 10

How We Got Here: Big Sprinkler Turns 10

The old saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun,” and cliché or no, we believe it’s true. The past 10 years creating irrigation solutions flew by. Join us in celebration of our anniversary by looking back at how we got here.

It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve stayed true to the heart of our mission – to create reliable and durable commercial-grade products, which solve the problems our customers face. You won’t find products like ours in big box stores.

The Beginning

The story of Big Sprinkler starts with the need for a specific type of sprinkler. The (not yet created) sprinkler would land on the spectrum between the industrial-size agricultural sprinklers and cheap lawn sprinklers you replace every couple of seasons.

People across the country who owned hobby farms, massive gardens, lawns that span acres, and horse arenas looked for larger sprinklers that also fit the descriptions of versatile, dependable, and durable. We recognized a gap in the marketplace, and since we had experience with large sprinklers, we started tinkering with designs.

After creating the initial design, testing, finding flaws, and correcting mistakes, we released our first Big Sprinkler product, the Single 1000F Wheeled Sprinkler Cart.

This sprinkler cart hasn’t changed much since its inception and is made from heavy gauge steel with a “baked on” powder coat finish. It uses a brass garden hose swivel and is the largest sprinkler cart you can operate with a standard garden hose. The commercial-grade sprinkler head comes with five nozzles so you can match your sprinkler’s output to your water supply.

The sprinkler doesn’t disappoint once the water starts flowing. With each use of the sprinkler you can set it to spray in either a full and partial circle and the spray will reach up to 120 feet in diameter. When you’re done irrigating in one spot, you simply roll the sprinkler cart to the next dry area.

As the 1000F took off, our customers started asking questions about bigger sprinkler carts, heavier duty hoses, pumps to boost the water supply capacity, and about a thousand other issues they faced. It was then we began to build bigger carts, find top-quality options for pumps and hoses, and innovate new products to address our customers’ issues.

We Listen to Our Customers

“During the 10 years we’ve been Big Sprinkler, we talked with customers,” Rod Bloom, National Sales Rep says. “Just about every time we started a new project or hunted for a new product it was because our customers needed something they couldn’t find. Our decisions are always customer driven. They are why we select certain products and the reason we design our products the way we do.”

Customer ideas and requests start the ball rolling for new product ideas. Our overall goal is to build products of quality. These are commercial grade solutions for people who aren’t working with commercial situations.

“Our Lay Flat Hose Reel was a customer driven product,” Rod explains. “People reached out to us looking for this specific product – one that would handle their flat hoses easily – and we took on the project. It was a year worth of trial and error developing the design before we had a working product to share with our customers.”

Quality Matters

Competitors have attempted to use our carts for inspiration, but they’ve always outsourced the work to another country, causing the quality to be less than desirable. The standards we keep in mind for our customers – ease of use, durability, and quality – will never be compromised.

We’re always proud that our products are built in our own backyard. In fact, we think it shows. While we may not always sell the cheapest product, we know it’s the highest quality and the longest-lasting sprinkler of its kind.

“We want people to be happy with what they purchase, and we only carry the products we believe will best serve the customer,” Rod said. “We created an anniversary edition – a limited number of special sprinkler carts – because we’re excited about 10 years selling the 1000F.”

The anniversary edition 1000F Wheeled Sprinkler Cart is only available until the supply runs out, but if you’re interested click here for more information.

Most of all we’re thankful to our customers. Without your trust, suggestions, and feedback throughout the years, we don’t know what Big Sprinkler would be now. We’re always waiting to learn more from you.

We’re ready to chat about your issues — whether you’re looking for something you can’t find, or you want to let us know how our products are doing. You can contact us directly on our website or reach us on Facebook any time. We can’t wait to meet you.

Maybe yours is the next idea we need to design an all-new irrigation solution.

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