Other Uses for a Big Sprinkler

Other Uses for a Big Sprinkler

Even if you don’t dream about thick, green grass or gardens full of vibrant flowers, we’re sure you know how to use a sprinkler. You can find one in the front yard — or in the garage — of almost every house in any neighborhood.

They’re tools which create a solution for a specific need, right? Your grass and other plants need water for survival and with the help of a hose, your commercial lawn sprinklers deliver it directly to the spots where it’s needed most.

Wait, how many other ways can you think of to use a big sprinkler? We don’t mean using it as a night light … obviously, that won’t work. Although you could use it as a hat stand, we suppose. But which other situations could be more efficiently handled with a Big Sprinkler product?

We have a few ideas. Keep reading to check out these other uses for a Big Sprinkler.

Keeping the Dust at Bay

Keeping dust from hanging around in the air you breathe is important. Water is often used to suppress the dust in various circumstances. We’ve listed a couple where using a Big Sprinkler product could be a better option than the commonly accepted method.

Equine Health

When you own horses, you know barns and exercise arenas get dusty. Humans suffer from respiratory issues caused by dust and horses can too. In fact, since horses only breathe through their nostrils, a dusty living space can be a more serious health hazard for them, since humans can choose to breathe orally.

It’s popular for equine caretakers to water down stables and arenas, coating the dust particles to make them stick together, and therefore making them heavier than the air. Using one of our wheeled sprinkler carts or traveling sprinklers makes it easy to get a professional-grade sprinkler system that is also easy to move.

Construction Sites

It’s hard to build anything very large without disturbing some topsoil. Once the soil is excavated or loosened, it’s inevitable that the wind will lift it, take it on a journey, and deposit it somewhere no one wants it to be.

On massive building or road construction sites sprayer trucks dampen the dirt and keep the dust from flying. Whether your construction site is big or small, there are Big Sprinkler products to do the trick. Whether you need a heavy-duty wheeled sprinkler cart like the 3000R Heavy Duty Sprinkler Cart with Wheels,2000S model or a commercial quad stand with one of the commercial-grade sprinkler heads attached, there’s a solution to your dusty situation.

Growing Your Hobbies

The activities you enjoy during your “off-work” hours are deserving of great equipment too. We’re sure there are more, but we’ve listed two of our favorites.

Little League Fields

Parents across the country volunteer countless hours taking care of little league recreational sports fields. Keeping the sod, grass, turf, etc. in top-quality condition for the sports their children obsess over is hard work and takes huge chunks of personal time. There’s little doubt that many little leagues would benefit from using Big Sprinkler products.

Investing in and using commercial-grade sprinklers heads, wheeled sprinkler carts, or even traveling sprinklers can help cut the amount of time spent watering the fields. Additionally, the high-quality parts stand up to the test of time and won’t have to be replaced season after season.

Deer Plots

Hunters are serious about their season. However, even out of season, many choose to plant food plots to keep the animals healthy and help them bulk up for hunting season. In many areas, an irrigation solution is needed to keep the food plots growing.

Using one of our wheeled sprinkler carts or Complete Irrigation kits allows for flexibility and movement in order to maximize your food plots potential.

Still More Ideas

There are as many uses for our products as there are needs for water. For instance, you can use them to keep barn and farm animals cool in hot weather. Simply turn on the sprinkler regularly and watch the animals enjoy it.

What kind of ideas do you have for using Big Sprinkler products that we haven’t thought of or listed? We’d love to know! Stop by our Facebook page and let us know what you’re doing or what you’d like to try, and we’ll help you come up with a plan and the right products for success.

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