The Newest Big Sprinkler for Your Yard or Garden

The Newest Big Sprinkler for Your Yard or Garden

Our favorite kind of people are those folks who get as excited as we do about sprinklers. We know it’s obvious that we love sprinklers, especially the big ones. It’s in our name. We also know folks need reliable sprinklers they can count on year after year.

Sprinklers and other irrigation solutions must defy harsh weather conditions and withstand a beating. Those solutions should be as flexible as they are durable so that when the situation changes, the sprinkler can still handle it. That’s why we source the best quality products we can find. What we can’t find, we build.


We understand the frustration of returning to the local big box store to buy a cheap sprinkler each spring and we want to do something about it. When we looked at our residential Sled Base Sprinklers and realized we could create a longer-lasting product with steel instead of the lighter plastic, sled base sprinklers, we sprang into action.

Learn more about what we’ve done to upgrade our residential sprinklers.

Three New Heavy-Duty Sled Base Sprinklers

This spring we’ve released three new sprinklers for your residential needs. Each one is heavy-duty, but they also share other qualities. Those include:

  • A five-pound base allowing for strength and stability
  • A base made from laser-cut, 3/16-inch steel plate
  • Commercial-grade sprinkler heads
  • Heavy-duty brass couplings
  • A flow-through design which allows multiple sprinklers to connect
  • Interchangeable nozzles allowing for a range of flow rates

Each of the new products is special in its own way. Check out the list below to learn more their unique features. 

Impact Sprinkler

  • Full-circle mode or part-circle mode
  • Made with cast aluminum alloy and brass
  • Uses swing arm and mechanical return to go forward and then fast-reverse for a fully wet spray pattern

Rotor Sprinkler

  • Can operate anywhere from a full circle pattern to a 40-degree area
  • Sprays a distance of up to 100 feet in diameter
  • Uses commercial-grade gear drive rotor head
  • Specially designed to keep the stream free from debris

Wobbler Sprinkler

  • The best option for flower beds and germination
  • Drops “rain-like” droplets that resist wind drifts and evaporation
  • Uses an off-center rotary action to distribute water evenly at low pressures
  • Minimal impact on soil structure
  • Reaches 50+ feet in diameter

It’s not enough for the materials to be tough, we take an extra step by protecting those tough materials the best way we know how. Each of the three new sprinklers is offered with your choice of a powder-coated base or one using our new galvanized process.

To galvanize it, the sled has been submerged in molten zinc alloys to form a non-corrosive, scratch- and rust-resistant barrier between the steel and the wet environment it will be operating in. This ensures years of trouble-free use.

Before you add the sprinkler to your cart, simply use the drop-down to choose which coating you’d prefer.

We Take Our Sprinklers Seriously

Helping you take care of your lawn, garden, or farm, or even just keeping dust at bay, is a serious business for us. We know how important quality sprinklers are to your success in doing what you love. Hopefully, our blog post about our newest Big Sprinkler system for your yard or garden helped you in some way!

We’re excited to be able to offer top-quality options and we’re always here to answer questions if you get stuck. Contact us today for more information about any of our products and we’ll help you create the irrigation system of your dreams.

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