Which Kind of Sprinkler Should I Use at Home?

If you find yourself scrolling through dozens of sprinkler options online while looking for the one that has everything you need, don’t let it discourage you. You don’t have to be an expert on all things irrigation to find what will work best for you — that’s what we’re here for. Learn how to choose a sprinkler head, nozzle, and stand for your home.

What kind of sprinkler should I use at home? We want to help you find the sprinkler that will best suit your needs. However, no matter which sprinkler we help you choose, you won’t be disappointed. All our sprinkler options are made with commercial-grade sprinkler heads that will stand the test of time. They are reliable and durable, but — most importantly —sprinklers like these can’t be found in your local hardware or big box store.

What Kind of Sprinkler Stand Do I Need?

On our website, you’ll find three main “bases” for our commercial-grade sprinkler heads available for residential use. The heavy-duty sled base, the tripod or quad adjustable stands, and our most popular — the wheeled sprinkler cart.

Heavy-Duty Sled Base Sprinkler

These Heavy Duty Sled Base Water Sprinklers provide a commercial type product in a residential size. These sprinklers were specifically designed with the flow rates and water pressure usually found when using your home’s garden spigot. It also has the smallest footprint of any of the commercial options we offer, making it easy to store since it is compact.

When you select this base option, you have the choice between a green baked-on, powder coat finish or our hot-dip galvanizing process in which the sled has been submerged in molten zinc alloys to form a non-corrosive, scratch- and rust-resistant barrier between the metal and the wet environment.

Tripod Sprinkler

If you have raised beds full of vegetables or flowers, the tripod base sprinklers could give you the flexibility you need.  The adjustable height of the base helps your sprinkler rise above obstacles and other plant life to get the water you need into the proper areas.

Each of the legs features the telescoping action and can be adjusted as needed for stability. This option gives you the choice of a quality commercial-grade sprinkler head, but also isn’t as heavy-duty as the wheeled sprinkler carts, while still delivering irrigation to your greenery within a 90 plus-foot diameter in a residential situation.

Wheeled Sprinkler Cart

Our most popular irrigation solution, the 1000 Series Wheeled Sprinkler Cart, is the largest and heaviest-duty sprinkler system we offer that is used for most residential uses. It connects to your home’s spigot and to ¾ inch standard garden hoses. Made with heavy gauge steel, solid steel axles and your choice of a commercial-grade sprinkler head, this durable product is still versatile and flexible due to the simple wheeled construction.

This option is great for your large lawn, garden, or hobby farm, and works equally well for your horse arena and little league fields. The portability allows you to take this irrigation solution anywhere you need more water.

These options are best suited for use in a residential situation. If you’re looking to move more water or to irrigate larger areas, check out our larger wheeled sprinkler carts. The 1250K,  1500H, 2000S, and the 3000R are good options to research if you want something more than a residential irrigation solution.

Which Kind of Sprinkler Head Should I Use?

Now that you know more about the bases, it’s time to select the right commercial-grade sprinkler head to go on top of your base. There are three main options to choose from and each function best in slightly different conditions.

Impact Sprinkler Head

This is one of the most common types of sprinkler heads, and more than likely you recognize how it works. As the water flows through the impact sprinkler head, an arm bouncing off the mainstream drives the sprinkler head to turn.

However, as the arm hits, a small amount of water sprays directly around the sprinkler each time, which if left in one spot for a long period of time can create a concentrated wet area.  For some applications such as dust control in your arena this can become an issue.  Being mindful of this when using an impact sprinkler for certain applications will help to reduce this being an issue and still accomplish the task you needed it for.   The impact sprinkler is the most user friendly and easiest to adjust between full and part circle patterns.

Rotor Sprinkler Head

Rotor sprinkler heads are driven by internal gears and are often referred to as gear drive sprinklers. Since they are not driven by an impact arm like impact sprinklers, it results in smoother, gentler performance and a more even water distribution across your irrigation area.

When your priority is an even distribution of the water, rotor sprinklers are often the best option. The wind is a factor that affects all sprinkler's spray patterns and the rotor sprinklers are slightly less effective than impact sprinklers in windy conditions. 

Specialty “Wobbler” Sprinkler Head

Our specialty High Angle Xcel Wobbler Sprinkler for sale is made with no metal parts but instead uses high-impact engineering-grade thermoplastics. It was specifically designed for durability and it produces rain- like droplets that evenly cover the irrigation area.  It's unique off-center rotary-action distributes extremely uniform coverage at low pressures.

You won’t get as much distance in your irrigation area, but the evenness and low impact on soil structure are ideal for germinating new grass seed. The rain-shaped droplets aren’t easily manipulated by the wind, helping keep the coverage area evenly distributed.

Which Size Nozzle Should I Use?

When you order a rotor or an impact sprinkler head, they are delivered with multiple nozzles. These nozzles are specifically designed to help you fine-tune the flow from your sprinkler head.

Finding the one that most closely matches the pressure and flow-rate at your home will help your Big Sprinkler perform at its highest efficiency level and give you the best possible overall experience when watering around your home.

Why Should I Buy a Big Sprinkler?

Buying a quality sprinkler shouldn’t be frustrating and we know that. However, every irrigation situation is different and that’s why we’re here to help. We know you won’t magically get more coverage using our products when you have the same amount of water to move through it. What you will get is the quality and durability of a better-made product.

You’ll also get top-notch customer service from everyone at Big Sprinkler. Don’t hesitate to send us your questions through our website or give us a call on our toll-free number at (855) 805-7901. We’re excited to help you find the perfect combination of products to solve all your irrigation issues.

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