Which Sprinkler is Right for Me?

Which Sprinkler is Right for Me?

Keeping your garden flowering or producing fruit takes a combination of things, but adequate water is one of the most important. Plush, green lawns need attention from water too. Once you’ve done a quality job of watering your plants thoroughly, the roots will extend deep into the soil and provide both stability and durability for your lawn.

For instance, Bermuda grass needs 1-1.25 inches of water a week to keep its color during the summer – and more if your soil is sandy. What do you do if you don’t live somewhere which receives that amount of water from a natural source? You purchase sprinklers.

Which sprinkler is right for me? Getting the right kind of sprinkler for your yard can make or break your lawn and garden areas. While you can buy an inexpensive sprinkler at almost any big box store, if you want quality you’ll need something more like what we have available. We have heavy-duty, quality-crafted products which will outlast the cheaper plastic sprinklers you’ll find at big box stores.

The most crucial factor when selecting the proper sprinkler is how you will connect it to a water source. If you don’t match your connection and water source to the sprinkler – you could wind up with an irrigation solution which won’t work for you.

Garden Hose Attachment

Will you connect to your water source with a standard-size garden hose? If so, one of our most popular products – the 1000F Sprinkler Cart – is a perfect choice for you. It’s made with a heavy gauge steel pipe and a powder-coated finish that is “baked on”.

The Sime Funny Sprinkler can be set to spray water in a partial or full circle allowing the water to shoot up to 120 feet in diameter. With a flow range of between 5 and 25 gallons per minute, you can use one of the five included nozzles to adapt the sprinkler to your exact needs. This commercial-grade sprinkler head and cart are not only versatile but are also the largest you can operate from a standard garden hose attachment.

Choose from among several styles of garden hose-compatible sled sprinklers or tripod sprinklers if the 1000F is more sprinkler than you need. The Jumbo Sled is a heavy duty 10-pound sled base with a commercial grade sprinkler head or a lighter duty 2-lb weighted sled base made with quality durable parts. The tripod sprinklers are a versatile option allowing you to raise your sprinkler over flowers or vegetation.

Larger Lines or Pump from a Pond

If you have access to a larger connection to your water source or are using a high-pressure pump to pull water from a pond or river for your irrigation needs, the 1250K Wheeled Sprinkler Cart is a step over the 1000F model. This sprinkler cart comes with a standard 1.25-inch connection to the water source, but is typically adapted to a 1-inch, 1.5-inch, or 2-inch connection.

Like the 1000F, the 1250K heavy-duty sprinkler cart is made with heavy gauge steel and has a powder-coated finish. It’s popular among people who have 10-50 GPM flow rates and sprays up to 150 feet in diameter. For even larger applications there are sprinkler carts available to accommodate your needs.

Additional Information You’ll Need

When you visit our products page, have your answers to the questions below ready. As you read through the detailed product descriptions, your answers will help you choose the correct sprinkler for your lawn or garden area.

  • How much area are you wanting to irrigate?
  • What plants are you irrigating and how much water do they need?
  • How far is your connection point from the farthest point you want to water?
  • Is there any significant elevation change between these two points?
  • Do you have an existing hose? If so, what size is it?

If you’re unsure of why you need to know the answers to this question, read through Setting Up Sprinklers: How to Find the Pressure and Flow Rate at Your Housecall 1 (855) 805-7901, or contact us for more information. We’re excited to help you find the best solution for your irrigation needs.

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