Why Do Little Leagues Need Big Sprinklers?

Why Do Little Leagues Need Big Sprinklers?

Youth sports organizations vary widely across the country on how they‘re run, how their structure is set up, and who is responsible for handling issues that arise. However, you’ll find one commonality among all leagues – no matter which sport or geographical region, they rely on parents volunteering their time to keep everything running smoothly.

There is a multitude of volunteer jobs to which parents can lend a hand. Field maintenance is one essential area where volunteers can spend their time. It takes dedicated volunteers and the right irrigation system to keep the grounds gameday-ready. Does your team or organization have the irrigation equipment it needs?

Why Your Field Needs Water

Why do little leagues need sports field sprinkler products? Water is one of the most crucial factors when attempting to keep your little league fields healthy and safe. If your field or fields don’t receive enough water, the soil cracks, holes develop, turf dies, and additional maintenance is required before children can safely play.

Adequate amounts of water help the turf establish roots. Watering the grass one or two times a week and letting the water saturate deeply into the soil helps the roots grow to a depth of four to six inches. A healthy root system allows a field to stand up to the wear and tear of frequent games. Disease and insects are less dangerous to the field with healthy roots in place.

Heat, sunlight, wind, humidity, and other climate factors affect how much water is lost from the soil each day. Using a soil probe to monitor the moisture present in the soil helps you plan your irrigation needs without overwatering. Overwatering invites disease and weeds into your ball field.

Why Big Sprinkler Products Make Sense

Since parents are often the ones volunteering to handle field maintenance for their community fields, it’s important that irrigation is done both easily and efficiently. Keeping the cost of equipment minimal is important too since most leagues are run on fundraisers and donations.

Big Sprinkler has an option to fit your needs. No matter which wheeled sprinkler carts you choose they provide the following benefits:

  • Able to cover a large area – The sprinklers are able to turn in a full or part circle and cover up to 175 feet in diameter depending on the model chosen.
  • Easy to move – The carts are on wheels and are easily moved from one location to another.
  • Durably made – Every sprinkler cart has a baked-on powder coating finish to help it stand up to wear and tear.
  • Long-lasting – Since all the parts are made with care and high-quality materials, they won’t break as often as a cheap, big box store brand would. This saves both time and money by keeping you from having to continually purchase new sprinklers.
  • More cost-effective than a built-in system – You don’t have to tear up the field and re-plant it or install expensive equipment.
  • Less labor-intensive – You don’t need a large staff to lay lateral lines when using one of these sprinklers.

Which Sprinkler Do I Need?

There is a wheeled sprinkler cart that will help solve all your irrigation woes. Deciding which model is right for you depends on what kind of connection there is to your water source. Before you can make any decisions or pick your favorite, find where your water source is and see what kind of connection it has.

Some fields are supplied by a standard residential spigot and water hose connector. Others are more advanced with larger supply lines and various connection sizes that can supply larger volumes of water. Larger supply lines will often use “Quick Valves” as a connection point.

If you have a standard residential connection, the 1000F Sprinkler Cart is for you. It is the largest sprinkler cart that hooks to a standard garden hose. It comes with a variety of nozzles to choose from for you to get the proper spray from your sprinkler head to your turf. You will put more water on the fields in less time with this sprinkler than with any other option that connects to a garden hose.

If you find that your field is equipped with a quick coupling valve, you will be able to choose from the 1250K Wheeled Sprinkler Cart or the 1500H Wheeled Sprinkler Cart, depending on how much flow and water pressure you are able to pump through your pipes. These options will help you move more water onto the field in less time than the 1000F cart can if you have the water capabilities to support them.

What Irrigation Needs Do You Have?

Big Sprinkler is a leader in quality irrigation solutions. Whether you’re looking to supply water to your little league sports fields or to your ample-sized garden, we’ve got solutions to fit your needs.

If you still have questions about what will be right for you, check out our FAQ page. There you’ll find answers to the most frequent questions we receive. If your question isn’t there, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to be the experts for you.

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