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Portable Sprinkler Stands

Portable irrigation sprinkler stands provide you with the versatility to have a strong and sturdy base that your sprinkler can operate from but also be movable to irrigate dry areas as needed. Our most popular portable water sprinkler stands are our wheeled sprinkler carts. All of our wheeled sprinkler carts are fabricated by us and built to last.  The wheeled sprinkler carts come in multiple sizes to fit your application.  Our heavy duty sled base sprinklers are another original product created by Big Sprinkler.  Our sled bases are formed from thick steel and powder coated or galvanized to give it that protected finish and stable base for our commercial grade sprinkler heads to operate from.  Need more height to water over your shrubs or flowers in your garden then our adjustable tripod sprinkler gives you that ability.  For larger areas, our 2" commercial quad stand provides a stable and adjustable platform for larger sprinklers to use.  From small to big we have the portable sprinkler stand to fit your needs!

Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads come in a variety of styles and sizes.  Determining which sprinkler is right for your project depends on several different factors.  To find the right size of sprinkler will first depend on the available flow rate and pressure of the water.  When matched properly the result is getting uniform coverage over maximum area.  The style of sprinklers we have are categorized by what makes them rotate which are impact, gear drive, rotor, and wobbler. 

  • Impact Sprinklers are the most common and recognizable style of sprinklers.  They rotate by having an arm that bounces off the spray and with each impact the sprinkler rotates. 
  • Gear Drive Sprinklers are more for your larger applications. They rotate by using part of the water spray to spin a wheel that then rotate the internal gears to provide a very smooth rotation. 
  • Rotor Sprinklers operate similarly to the gear driven sprinklers but they use the internal flow of the water coming through the sprinkler to turn gears resulting in a smooth steady rotation. 
  • Wobbler Sprinklers is a unique style of sprinkler that uses the water hitting the deflector making it "wobble" and spray water in a full 360° rain like pattern.

Almost all of our sprinklers come with a range of sprinkler head sizes that allow you to better match your particular flow rate and pressure. Shop our sprinkler heads today to find the right one for you!

Lawn & Garden

Here you will find lawn and garden products and accessories that are designed to work with your residential 3/4" garden hose.  From our new Heavy Duty Sled based sprinklers, adjustable tripod sprinklers, spray nozzles for your potted plants or timers to automate your watering.  Shop here for your residential and garden irrigation needs.

Hoses & Fittings

Here is where you can find an assortment of different styles of our irrigation hoses for sale such as a lay flat discharge hose, mill hose, garden hose and suction hose for your pump set-ups.  We have complete hose kits with diameters from 3/4" to 3" and in 50' and 100' lengths.  We can also build custom length hose to fit your project if needed.  You will also find an assortment of Mikalor hose clamps along with hose connectors such as camlocks and galvanized fittings.  If you need help with any of your hose or connection needs please call and let us help you find the right products for your project.  (855) 805-7901 

Traveling Sprinkler

Don’t like the hassle of manually moving your hoses and sprinklers from place to place during irrigation? Then a traveling lawn sprinkler would be a great irrigation option for you. Moving Sprinklers operate using a turbine drive system that uses the flow and pressure from your water source to retract the reel at the speed of your choice. This specially designed turbine system is a field proven method used with larger commercial travelers but now designed in smaller models to work with lower flow rates. With moving sprinklers, you can have portable, unattended irrigation that is also automatic. Browse our selection of traveling lawn sprinklers.

Complete Irrigation Systems

Save money and time by buying one of our complete irrigation systems instead of individual pieces for your irrigation solution. These irrigation system kits come with everything you need to irrigate from your pond, stream, or reservoir. Each kit is easy to set up and can be ready to work in just minutes. These sprinkler system kits are great for a variety of applications.

Pump Center

Looking for a pump to help irrigate your project?  Here you will find electric booster pumps, gas powered high pressure pumps and PTO pumps for your larger applications.  High pressure pumps are a necessity if you are looking for a way to supply the water at a high enough pressure to maximize your sprinklers potential coverage.  Have a low pressure problem?   Electric booster pumps are a great way to provide your irrigation system with the extra pressure that your irrigation sprinklers need!  Pump Performance charts are provided under each of the pumps specifications tab. Take a look at our electric booster pumps, high pressure irrigation pumps, and more below. If you need help finding the right pump for your project then contact our pump experts today!

Hose Reels

Save time and labor on your watering by using a hose reel with your irrigation system. These will help you avoid the wear and tear, turf damage, and tangling of your hoses.  Choose from 3 different options depending on your hose type and size. 

Our Lay-Flat Hose QuickReels work well for those customers with multiple rolls of 1.5” or 2” Lay-Flat irrigation hose . It comes with a tension brake to allow for a safe and constant rate of hose deployment. All of this is with a heavy-duty steel frame and side panels. Plus, a quick-attach handle that ensures a quick and effortless retrieval of your lay-flat hose assemblies.  It comes as stand-alone unit or with an ATV trailer cart assembly. With its large 18" ATV wheels it will travel over any terrain giving you added mobility when either retrieving or deploying your lay flat hose.

For users with 5/8” or 3/4" garden hose we have a 12” heavy-duty garden water hose reel cart built to withstand years of continued use of winding and unwinding your hoses.

Our 18” electric hose reel is designed for professional grounds maintenance users. This model comes with 100’ of 1” heavy duty hose. All components are made of high quality, powder coated steel.

Replacement Parts

Big Sprinkler has a large inventory of replacement parts for the products we sell and manufacture.  Here you can find most of the common replacement parts for your purchased products.  If the part you need is not listed here then please call and ask for our parts department.  Parts Department:  (855) 805-7901 

Promotions / Sale Items

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