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1" Hose Kit w/ Cam-Lock Connections

1" Hose Kit w/ Cam-Lock Connections

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Heavy duty 1 inch Pre-Assembled Hose Kit comes with aluminum quick connect fittings (Male on one end and female on the opposite end). Our commercial grade hose is a durable 1 inch inside diameter general purpose PVC Hose with 150 psi working pressure rating clamped to quick connects with stainless steel clamps. The quick acting connection ends are very convenient when re-positioning hoses or sprinklers and connecting multiple hoses in series with one another. In our fittings section, you will find single item quick connects to purchase that you can place on your water supply source or sprinkler stands to make these hoses compatible to your setup. These 1 inch hose assemblies are excellent for supplying large coverage sprinklers with the proper volume to operate. This hose is very durable and coils like a garden hose for storage! Get this 1" Water Hose Kit with Cam Lock Connections today.

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  • Construction Tube: Black PVC Compound-1" I.D.
  • Reinforcement: High Tensile Strength
  • Yarn Cover: PVC Compound-1.313" Nominal O.D.
  • Pressure Rating: 150 PSI @ 700 F (200 C); 75 PSI @ 1220 F (500 C)

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Quick Connects
  • High Tensile Strength Re-enforced Hose
  • Stainless Steel Clamps

Primary Applications

  • General Use
  • Transfer of Water up to 25 GPM & Mild Water Soluble Chemicals
  • Lawn & Garden Applications
  • Industrial & Shop Use
  • Commercial & Farm Use
  • Sprinkler Cart & Tripod Supply Hose
  • Small Traveling Sprinkler Supply Hose