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1000F - 1" Wheeled Sprinkler Cart

1000F - 1" Wheeled Sprinkler Cart

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The 1000F 1-inch Wheeled Sprinkler Cart from Big Sprinkler is constructed with a 1" heavy gauge steel pipe, a solid 1.5" steel axle for weight (25 lbs), and a durable "baked on" powder coat finish. It also comes standard with a ¾” brass garden hose swivel and commercial grade Impact Sprinkler head (flow range 5 to 25 GPM) that can be set to a full or part circle spray pattern with area coverages up to 120 feet in diameter!! This sprinkler will maximize your potential and is the largest that you can operate from a standard faucet and 3/4" garden hose (May also be adapted to a 1" hose).  It includes 5 nozzle sizes so you can match sprinkler output to your water supply capability.

This heavy-duty large volume sprinkler gives you maximum flexibility and big performance when compared to most store-bought sprinklers!

This portable 1000F wheeled sprinkler cart is an excellent and affordable option for irrigating a variety of areas such as gardens, large yards or acreages, playgrounds, natural and artificial sports fields, horse arenas or round pens for dust control, mining projects, and much more. Our carts are fabricated with care and precision in our facility with heavy steel tubing and a solid axle design (25lbs total weight) to prevent tipping while the sprinkler is in operation or when pulling the supply hose to reposition the sprinkler cart. Portable stand sprinkler carts are a great alternative to other irrigation systems when a lower cost option is needed.  Simply place the 1000F wheeled sprinkler cart in the area to be watered, complete the application in the desired time, then pull the sprinkler ahead to the next dry area to be watered!

Quality Made in the USA!!    

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  • Flow Rate:6 - 26 GPM
  • Pressure:30 - 80 PSI(Sime Funny Sprinkler)
  • Trajectory: 28°
  • Spray Distance:30' - 60' Radius or Up to 130' Total Diameter
  • Sprinkler Stand Body Size:1” Heavy Gauge Tubing
  • Inlet Size: ¾” Standard, Adaptable to 1”
  • Overall Height (w/ Sprinkler):22”
  • Overall Length:28”
  • Total Weight:25 lbs.
  • Nozzle Sizes Included:5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm,9mm

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy Gauge Steel Tube Construction
  • Solid 1.5” Steel Axle
  • Brass Garden Hose Swivel Adapter
  • Solid 8” Rubber Wheel Assembly
  • Durable “Baked On” Powder Coat Finish
  • Commercial Grade Full or Part Circle Impact Sprinkler w/ Brass Base

Primary Applications

  • Garden Irrigation
  • Residential or Acreage Yard Irrigation
  • Horse Arena Dust Control
  • School Playground Irrigation
  • Natural Sports Turf Irrigation
  • Artificial Sports Turf Irrigation & Cooling*
  • Mining Dust Control
  • Pasture Irrigation
  • Hobby Farm Irrigation