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3/4" & 1" Professional Series Garden Hoses

3/4" & 1" Professional Series Garden Hoses


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Introducing our Pro-Line Series Irrigation hose, the newest addition to the Big Sprinkler product line! Our Pro-Line Series hose assemblies are made in the USA and are available in 3/4" and 1" diameters.  These premium hoses are constructed with a specially formulated thermoplastic that provides the look and feel of rubber but with the durability of PVC materials included with heavy machined brass hose end fittings making the Pro-Line series one of our most durable hoses.  The premium quality and durability that is expected from the professionals that use these hoses is now available for homeowners and gardeners looking for quality irrigation products that will last.  

The professional series hoses come in two diameter sizes, 3/4 inch and 1 inch.  The 3/4" diameter hose comes in lengths of 50-ft 75-ft or 100-ft with standard 3/4" garden hose brass fittings allowing it to connect and work in place of your standard garden hoses. If you are currently using a general purpose 5/8" or 3/4" garden hose and are looking for a premium quality option, then this would be the one. 

The 1” diameter hose comes in lengths of 50-ft and 100-ft with 1” standard straight threaded male and female brass fittings.  The 1” hoses are primarily used in commercial and professional applications but can be adapted to connect with your standard 3/4" garden hose spigot with the appropriate fittings.  The benefits of using a 1" hose in place of your typical 5/8" or 3/4" garden hoses is that it allows an increase flow of water (gallons per minute) and a decrease in the amount of pressure (psi) that is lost through smaller diameter hoses.  If you want to know if switching to a 1" hose will be beneficial for you then be sure to call and talk with one of our irrigation specialists for help with questions regarding proper fittings and applications. 

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3/4 " Hose
  • Length Options: 50 ft, 75 ft and 100 ft
  • Max Pressure:  175 psi
  • Diameter (ID): 3/4"
  • Connections:  3/4" Brass Garden Hose Thread, Male x Female
  • Material:  Rubber-Like Thermoplastic
  • 1" Hose
  • Length Options: 50 ft and 100 ft
  • Max Pressure:  200 psi
  • Diameter (ID): 1"
  • Connections:  1" Brass Straight Thread, Male x Female
  • Material:  Rubber-Like Thermoplastic

Features and Benefits

  • Premium Quality for Professional and Commercial Applications
  • Constructed from a thermoplastic material allowing it to respond and feel like a rubber hose.
  • Extremely Durable 
  • Increase Water Flow
  • Heavy Duty Brass Threaded Ends, male x female

Primary Applications

  • Sports Field Maintenance
  • Golf courses
  • Baseball fields 
  • Football and soccer fields
  • Municipal maintenance 
  • Park departments
  • Amusement parks
  • Heavy-duty Commercial & Construction Use
  • General Water Service in Industrial Plants
  • Municipal Maintenance and Park Departments
  • Irrigation Supply Lines
  • Heavy-duty Wash-down
  • Farm / Ranch Maintenance