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R6S Max Drive 1" Sprinkler

R6S Max Drive 1" Sprinkler


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The all new R6S Max Drive Impact Water Aluminum Sprinkler also comes with a full set of easy change nozzles allowing flow ranges from 6 to 20 gallons per minute.  This sprinkler also features an adjustable jet stream breaker for changing stream pattern and may be operated in full circle mode or part circle mode by simply adjusting the part circle tabs at the base of the sprinkler.  This quality sprinkler is constructed from a cast aluminum alloy body with brass lower turning union and a 1" female standard pipe thread connection.  The Max Drive action of this sprinkler uses the perfect combination of drive arm spring tension and engineered mechanical designs to display a beautiful stream pattern in forward and fast reverse mode that results in the absolute best wetted water pattern all throughout the diameter of the circle.  The R6S Max Drive Impact Water Aluminum Sprinkler stays consistent at low and high pressures.

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  • Flow Range: 6-20 gal/min.
  • Coverage: Up to 120’ Diameter
  • Construction: Aluminum w/ Brass Lower Turning Union
  • Trajectory:  30°
  • Inlet Size: 1” Female Standard Pipe Thread, Jet Stream Breaker on Main Stream
  • Nozzle Sizes Included:  5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm
R6S Max Drive 1

Features and Benefits

  • Quick Change Nozzles
  • Jet Stream Breaker
  • Easy Adjustable Stops for Full or Part Circle Operation 
  • 1" Female Standard Pipe Thread Base Connection

Primary Applications

  • General Irrigation Use
  • Residential Irrigation
  • Vegetable & Flower Garden Irrigation
  • Orchard Irrigation
  • Orchard Frost Protection
  • Dust Control