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Xcel Wobbler w/ Sled Base (Weighted: 5 lb.)

Xcel Wobbler w/ Sled Base (Weighted: 5 lb.)


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Free Ground Shipping within the continental US! The Heavy Duty Residential “Wobbler” Sled featuring the Xcel Wobbler Head.  The sled base is laser cut from 3/16” steel plate and formed into the most durable sled bases on the market!  Weighing in at a robust 5 pounds, this new sled base will stand the test of time and allows for strength and stability while the sprinkler is operating.  In addition to the already durable construction, the sled is available with a durable brilliant green powder coat baked-on finish.  Each component in this assembly has been selected for quality including the heavy steel water path components and heavy duty brass garden hose connections!

The Xcel Wobbler head is a great product that provides instantaneous coverage over a large area and distributes "rain" like droplets that resist wind drift and evaporation. The Wobbler is used extensively in many areas such as lawns, gardens, nurseries, vegetable crops, turf irrigation, and much more!  Its unique off-center rotary-action distributes extremely uniform coverage at low pressures. This Xcel Wobbler Sprinkler with Sled Base (Weighted: 5lbs) works great for germinating with its minimal impact on soil structure. It is built for strength and durability, using high-impact engineering grade thermoplastics; no metal parts. The Wobbler Sprinkler with Sled Base covers up to 50 feet plus in diameter and allows for interchangeable nozzles.

The Xcel Wobbler with Sled Base (Weighted: 5lbs) also features a Flow-Through Base design allowing multiple sled bases to be connected in series!

Quality made in the USA!!

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  • Inlet Size:  Garden hose connection
  • Flow Rates:  Shipped w/ 4 Gallon Per Minute Nozzle
  • Available Nozzles:  0.78 - 6.97 GPM
  • Pressure Range:  10 - 25 PSI
Specifications Attachments

Features and Benefits

  • Balanced Sprinkler Design for Smooth, Stable Performance
  • Only One Moving Sprinkler Part for Longer Life
  • Shipped w/ 4 Gallon per Minute Nozzle
  • Other Sizes Available: 0.78 - 6.97 GPM
  • Low Wind Drift & Evaporative Loss at Low Pressures
  • 5 lb. Weighted Base for Stability w/ Flow-Thru Design for Connecting Multiple Bases in Series

Primary Applications

  • Flower Bed Watering
  • Germination
  • Garden Watering
  • Indoor & Outdoor Nursery Watering
  • Lawn Watering
  • Dust Suppression